Feedback from Projects Completed and In-Progress 

Virtual Assistant for Senior Placement & Assistance Company (Current Client)

"Hi Jess, Been really slammed and making a lot of progress. Thank you for always being so understanding when I go MIA" Sarah 
Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Investor (Current Client)

That sounds great Jess; good work.
Let's see how much fine-tuning we can do to make our sites rank higher over time so they will start to bring in some organic traffic.

Transaction Coordinator for Real Estate Investor (Current Client)

Hi Troy, 
It's 2:05 according to my computer, for whatever reason the email says you sent this an hour ago, which I'm confident you probably didn't. Let me know if it's okay to call now and I will do that. 
God Bless

You gotta stop with this stuff.
Just pick up the phone. If it's not a good time to call, the person you're calling simply won't answer. No big deal...
Oh, you did call. That makes me proud 😉.
Administrative Manager & Webmaster for Entertainment Company (Former Client)

Curtis: to staff:

"Jessica, the "queen of the database," now 1200 strong in New England, also works on the ever-improving ML website and our social media and Linked In. Her biggest achievement over the summer has been to get the website up to eCommerce standards so that we can now market online anywhere in the world. We just had an inquiry from England who watched a demo on our site and may become our first international client."

Jess - When I stopped into the bank today one of the tellers said, "Hey I saw you on FB. It was about the Musingo show you're doing at Campfire Grill. A friend of mine heard about it and wanted me to go with her." 
Nice going!

Data Analysis/System Administration - New Hampshire Client (Completed Project) 

Job Description: Report Generation and Data Compilation:

Feedback: Thanks Jess!

I will load these figures onto the Time Reports and submit.

Thanks for your help.

Web Research and Data Entry - Database Creation - USA Client (Completed Project) 

Job Description: We need someone to research and enter data on specific types of local businesses in specific cities.  Tasks include:

- Identifying comprehensive list of businesses of a specific type in a specific area
- Copying and pasting information from the business website into an excel document
- Collecting the company logo (screen shots or saving the image from the browser) 

Feedback:  Jessica worked hard and showed a lot of dedication to the job

Email List Manager for Mobile Massage Company based out of Hawaii USA (Completed Project)

 Job Description: Research different areas and collect email address for email list. Be able to work during USA - Hawaii hours. 



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