Education, Certifications and Skills

California Institute of the Arts, 2D & 3D Arts & Animation, Graphic Design, 2016-2018

Graphic Design Specialization Graduate: Dec, 10 2018

Brand New Brand: 

CalArts - Grade Achieved, 100% - 2018

History of Graphic Design:

CalArts - Grade Achieved, 97% - 2018


CalArts - Grade Achieved, 96.6% - 2018


CalArts - Grade Achieved, 92.4% - 2018

Graphic Design Fundamentals:

CalArts - Grade Achieved, 95.3% - 2017

Story and Narrative Writing: 

CalArts - Grade Achieved, 100% - 2016-2017

Character Design for Video Games: 

CalArts - Grade Achieved, 100% - 2016


Certified Customer Requirements Analyst, Data Analyst 12/2012

Certified Business Writer - 02/2012  (Top 30%)

Certified Customer Service Representative/Consultant - 02/2010 (Top 20%)

Certified Microsoft Word 2000 Expert - 02/2010 (Top 20%)

Certified Telephone Etiquette Expert - 12/2009 (Top 20%)

Office Skills (including but not limited to)

    • Data Analysis: Brainstorming, Documenting, Problem Analysis, Risk/Success Analysis, Scope Analysis, Validation, Examination and Study
    • Databases: alpha and numeric, list compilations, inventory, extensions, directories. Google Docs, MS365 & Airtable
    • Business Writing: presentations, correspondence
    • Data Entry (Alpha): charts and databases, insurance forms, general forms, spreadsheets, medical coding.
    • Data Entry (Numeric): databases/spreadsheets, general forms, calendars, balance sheets, medical coding.
    • Office Support, Email Support
    • Typing: All general typing duties
    • Filing: paper and spreadsheet and/or databases.
    • Form Completion: complete forms for orders, receipt of orders, inventory, stock, bookkeeping.
    • Mailings: list compilation, customer updates, informational, promotional.
    • Paperwork completion: loose paperwork for projects, misc filing and charts, records and bookkeeping.
    • Project Writing/Editing: proofreading, typing, handwriting.
    • Prospects: recruitment, new customers, informational, promotional, holiday, special event.
    • Research: based on the project. Other projects include insurance, presentations and business.
    • Resumes/Cover Letters: typing/editing, sorting information, information placement.
    • Transcription: Audio to print, office notes in detail, meeting minutes.
    • Accounting: Billings Pro, Data Entry, Report Generation
    • Database Creation and Management
    • WordPress: Posts and Editing, Blogging
    • Correlation: multiple copies for presentations, flyers, newsletters and other projects
    • Website design & management
    • Graphic Design: Logos, Flyers, Resumes, Social Media, Presentations, Headers, Posts
    • Website Creation & Management: Yola, Wix, Wordpress 

Design Skills (including but not limited to)

    • Character Design (cartoon, video game, formal)
    • Story and Narrative Writing
    • Graphic Design: Flyers, Resumes, Websites, Banners, Headers, Posts
    • Wix, WordPress & Yola: Posts, Editing, Website Design
    • Cover Letters: Letterhead design, formatting, information compilation and placement, proofreading, editing.
    • Greeting Cards: Personal, Business, Holiday, Special Event: Prospects. Design, layout, color scheme, graphics, typing, proofreading, editing.
    • Invitations: Personal, Business, Holiday, Special Event: One, Two and Three panel, design, layout, color scheme, themed, typing, proofreading, editing.
    • Mailings: Personal, Business, Holiday, Special Event: Design, layout, typing, proofreading, editing.
    • Newsletters: Personal, Business, Holiday, Special Event: Design, layout, graphics, information compilation and placement, typing, proofreading, editing.
    • Posters, Signs, Flyers: Personal, Business, Holiday, Special Events: Design, layout, construction, proofreading, editing.
    • Resumes: Personal and Business, formatting, information compilation and placement, proofreading, editing.

Regular Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday: 8:30 am to 6 pm EST

Consultations: Monday thru Friday: 8:30 am to 9:30 am EST & by appointment

Saturday: 10 am to 12 (noon) pm EST

Closed: Sundays and all Major Holidays 

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